You will get data divided into the following fields: registration code, title of the company, legal form, address, phone number, fax, email, name of company‘s manager, number of employees (or a range), turnover (or a range), business activity (as NACE2).
Example: euromarketdb_pvz_en.xlsx
As soon as you make a payment, you will receive order details through the indicated email.
Yes, if you wish, we can provide VAT invoice. Make sure you have marked that you need VAT invoice. It will be sent to you within 5 workdays after receiving a payment.
Of course! You can order additional information and extra selection fields by calling 852031349 or emailing by info@creditreform.lt
Information you have ordered is confidential. Customer is obliged not to share or disclose information in any form without executor‘s agreement in advance. The Customer has right to share information only with its employees who are directly related to company‘s credit rating evaluation.
Registered users have an opportunity to save the criteria of their purchased larger selection (of more than 100 companies) and to update the selection without any additional fees during a period of one year. However, euroMARKETdb does not guarantee the stability of companies’ number of current selection, because the number of companies can increase or decrease according to the criteria selected (for example, in the cases of changes in the number of employees).